On Saturday, the SUB 18 category will meet at the Sitari field to play an epic battle against Badalona/Gòtics, in a match that will determine the champion of the Catalan Silver Cup. This contest promises to be an exciting time for the young talents who have shown their dedication and skills throughout the competition.

From the first day until now, they have shown an exemplary commitment to the game and a firm determination to reach this decisive instance. Every practice, every game, has been an opportunity to grow and improve, and now, with their eyes on victory, they are ready to leave it all on the pitch.

The atmosphere will be electric, with the fans cheering frantically from the stands. It’s a moment that all the players have been waiting for and working diligently for. The coaches have been guiding them with wisdom and giving them the necessary tools to shine on this crucial occasion.

Despite the pressure and expectation, these young people are calm and confident in their abilities. They know that every minute on the pitch is an opportunity to write history and leave an indelible mark on the world of Catalan rugby. Thus, with determination and passion, they prepare to face this challenge with all their heart and hope to proclaim themselves as undisputed champions.

Força CEU