CEU History

In the early 1950s, the creation of the University Sports Club, now University Sports Club, was directed by the University of Barcelona, in order to organize and unify all university sports teams of the UB. The rugby section began to compete in 1959, and already in that first season won the 2nd Division Catalan Championship, which qualified the team to compete in the 2nd Division Spanish Championship, a competition that they also won by beating CADU of Seville in the final played in Madrid.

In the following seasons it always competed in the 1st Catalan Division and in the mid 60's, in the 64/65 and 65/66 seasons, it achieved two consecutive titles of Champion of Catalonia and two consecutive runners-up in the Spanish Championship after losing the finals against FC Barcelona and Canoe of Madrid. A year later came the most important title in the club's history, when in Lisbon they won the Iberian Cup, after eliminating CD Universitario de Lisboa in the semifinals and beating FC Barcelona in the final.

In 1969 the club managed to qualify for the reorganized Spanish Division of Honor, and for 4 seasons competed in the highest national competition, with a 6th place being their best classification. After losing the category, for many seasons they competed in the second national category, and in the mid 80's they were relegated to the Catalan First Division.

At that time, in the mid 80's, a women's team appeared for the first time, being one of the first clubs in Spain to achieve it, a team that has always competed in the highest category of Catalan rugby.

The club goes through a period of stagnation that leads, in the late 90's, to see its future in danger. Faced with this situation, a merger with Club Rugby Bonanova was decided, and a new club was created, Club Rugby Universidad de Barcelona. This denomination will last 5 years, and the name Club Deportivo Universitario will be quickly recovered.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, the club has been able to stabilize itself, providing itself with a good structure, achieving titles and promotions. In recent years, the club has achieved several Catalan Cup runner-ups, both in the men's and women's categories, several Catalan league championships in the men's category and promotions in the First National Division and in the B Honor Division.

It has also created a solid and solvent rugby school that manages to nurture the senior teams of players, competing in all possible training categories and participating in different Spanish Championships.

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