CEU Teams

With a tradition rooted in sporting excellence and camaraderie, our teams, from juniors to seniors, represent the best of our passion for rugby. Each team, from rookie players to seasoned veterans, is part of a family united by a love of the game and a desire to excel.

CEU Senior Men's Team

Discover our senior men, two teams in competition, a first team currently playing in Division of Honor B, the second state category and a second team playing in the Catalan category. Two teams that open the doors to any player, whatever their level, two teams that grow together and complement each other, where everyone has a place.

CEU Senior Women's Team

A solid team, which competes in the highest Catalan category, with firm determination and spirit of fellowship, which pursues victory in every game, a team that embraces the challenge and grows in every training and in every competition. A group with a great future in which all are welcome beyond their experience.


A combination of learning and competition, the future of the club, from 12 to 18 years old, S14, S16 and S18, the teams where the future players of the senior teams are formed as rugby players and as people. A good age to get into rugby and grow hand in hand with the club.


Discover the promise of the future with our training teams, where promising young players from S12, S10, S8 and S6 learn the foundations of the game and cultivate a love of rugby. As they progress, they become the rising stars of the S16 and S14, displaying grit and determination in every match.

Our S18 and Senior teams represent the apex of our passion, with players demonstrating exceptional skills and exemplary dedication. Each team, from the youngest to the most experienced, is part of a family united by their devotion to rugby.


A team for all those former players who want to continue the link with rugby, with a great social component, where fun is more important than competition, a group that exemplifies the fundamental values of loyalty, respect and fellowship, and that will serve as an inspiration for future generations, promoting the continuity of the rugby tradition.


About Touch! The youngest section of the club, this project started two years ago, a team open to everyone, a good way to approach our sport, an opportunity to connect with rugby, enjoy physical exercise and share moments of joy and healthy competitiveness.

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