Rugby for boys and girls of all ages

At CEU we understand our rugby school as a space where the child is the protagonist, without them the game does not exist!

We train athletes in a comprehensive manner, enhancing their physical and cognitive abilities in a progressive manner appropriate to their stage of development. Through a gradual acquisition of skills by age, where we teach an understanding of the game, using our sport as a means to put into practice a multitude of experiences.

Rugby is a sport of values...

...where children's development goes beyond the sport itself. Rugby supports and teaches a set of important human and social values at the basis of individual and collective personal development.
Andrés Tota ChillidaDirector of the CEU University Sports Club Sports School

Photo Gallery

Discover the passion, energy and team spirit that define our club through these captivating images. From fun-filled training sessions to exciting moments on the field, these photos capture the beauty of kids' rugby - we celebrate the talent and dedication of our young players and hope these images inspire you as much as they do us!

The 5 values of the CEU Rugby school and that goes beyond sports


Teamwork is essential in our sport, we welcome new players and include them in the day to day running of the team, we play for the team, not individually, both on and off the field. We trust everyone, as everyone has an essential role to play.


It is the basis of rugby, we respect the referee, opponents and teammates, understanding and accepting their decisions, because without them we could not play.


The reason to play rugby, we encourage the athlete to enjoy the training and the game. We use rugby to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.


Rugby is a contact sport, not a violent one, so it is very important to respect the rules as a whole.


The basis on which our club is built, preserving the fellowship of rugby with teammates and opponents is paramount. To be generous in victory and dignified in defeat, prevailing the effort and development of the player over the result.

Doubts of many parents about Rugby

Can my child play rugby?

Of course it is! Rugby is an inclusive sport where there is room for everyone.

Who are you?

CEU is a historic club in the city of Barcelona, founded in 1951 with teams of all ages from 4 to 99 years old.

Is rugby also for girls?

Of course!!! There is no need to even consider it, in addition to having women's teams, the school plays in a mixed way, and where we already have good players waiting for you to join them!

My child is very young...

It is not inconvenient, "in the small pot is the good jam". All our activities are designed and adapted to the children's abilities according to their age and size.

What is the best age to start playing?

It is not a question of age but of desire to spend good times with new friends, we have activities from the age of 4 years where the game has much prominence to evolve over the years depending on the development of the athlete.

The season has already started... What do we do?

Put on your shoes and come, we accept everyone, no matter what day it is, we always have specific training sessions for new players.

Who do I leave my children with?

Among our coaching staff, a large team of professionals including graduates in sports, qualified coaches and many years of rugby behind them eager to pass on their knowledge and experience.

Where do you train?

Our field is located as a small oasis in Barcelona, in Esports UB (Av. Diagonal 695-701).

Come to meet us, come to the training, come to have fun!

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